Jory's Warning
Jory’s Warning

by Olana Stuart

cover painting by Ken Musselman

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$8.95 Paperback / $2.99 Kindle

124 pages
ISBN 978-1514181263

“Bridget turned in surprise to see a rather small man nearby, only just taller than her. He was obviously not a relative. He had a white beard, and was dressed like a hermit. What caught her attention most, however, were his deep blue eyes, bluer than the sea, bluer than the sky, and bright....”

Jory’s Warning

A visit to her grandmother's house leads Bridget MacMurray to a faraway land. In Jory's Warning, themes of friendship, trust, and responsibility are woven through the make believe fairy realm of Tirhynna, where all is not as simple and beautiful as it appears. Bridget discovers she is stronger than she believed as she finds her way back home.

Published: June 2015.

Available from Amazon

124 pages
ISBN 978-1514181263

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The Silver Slippers

by Olana Stuart

$9.95 (plus tax & shipping)

ISBN 978-0-9816781-1-5

Published: 2009

“Dorothy stood up and found she was in her stocking-feet. For the Silver Shoes had fallen off in her flight through the air, and were lost forever in the desert.”

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L Frank Baum

“ you know, when Dorothy left (Oz), the slippers fell off her feet.”
Stelli nodded again.
“They shattered when they fell. Although the two Wicked Witches are gone, evil is not. You must find all of the pieces before they are found by others....”

—from The Silver Slippers

The Silver Slippers takes up the story of Oz where L Frank Baum’s classic story ends. Estrellita Sanders is wandering in the mountains near her home when she is summoned by the Scarecrow, the new wizard. The Silver Slippers have separated into the different colors of the rainbow. If they are brought back together again, the power could be used to protect or destroy the land of Oz. Stelli must find the six parts of the Silver Slippers before they are found by anyone else.

A delightful tale of adventure and imagination, The Silver Slippers also deals with questions about friendship and honesty. Estrellita must decide who to trust and finds that Oz is not as simple a place as she once thought.

The Silver Slippers
is published by Arkett Publishing, a division of Arkettype, PO Box 36, Gaylordsville, CT 06755, 860-350-4007. Intermediate Fiction (grades 4-8).
© Copyright 2008 Olana Stuart. ISBN 978-0-9816781-1-5


The Silver Slippers is available for purchase at:
Arkett Publishing, Gaylordsville, CT
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and at the following public libraries:
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Previous appearances include:

7/24/09 Book Signing—The Book Nook, New Milford, CT


10/20/09 Author VisitBriarcliff Manor Middle School, Briarcliff Manor, NY

As the guest of teacher Liz Biondi, Olana addressed 7th and 8th grade students for the National Day of Writing. She addressed two traditional classes of 25 students each, a class of six ELA students and three double classes (approx. 45 students each). She spoke on the topic of "Who Is An Author" and encouraged students to read and write with confidence, and to develop good writing habits.


1/12/10 Author Visit—Patricia DiChiaro School (PS8), Yonkers, NY

As the guest of the PTA, Olana gave three one-hour presentations to the entire 3rd, 4th and 5th grades in the auditorium. Each presentation consisted of a talk about the process of writing and idea making, a question and answer time, and an activity for creating story ideas. Olana also worked with first graders on an activity that combined creativity and learning skills.


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Brief Biography:

Jory’s Warning is the second book published by Olana Stuart. Her first book, The Silver Slippers, was published in 2009 and has been read and enjoyed by many young readers. She was named a Connecticut Young Poet and a Governor's Scholar of Connecticut. Also a contributor on-line, many of her adventure entries have received positive reviews from fellow gamers.

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The Dragon Hunter will be available in 2016© Copyright 2009 Olana Stuart. Please watch for an upcoming release date.

Ways of the Weir © Copyright 2011—watch for a release date in summer 2016.


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